RAN Awesomeness

Leverage Software Innovation to Maximize RAN Performance

RAN Awesomeness is achieved when: a mobile network dominates third party benchmark testing, providing subscribers best in market data speeds, while at the same time tuned to minimize RAN CAPEX and preserve shareholder value.

The Opportunity:

Increased RAN Efficiency Through Software

The RAN is inefficient, reliant on an unsustainable hardware dependent approach advocated by legacy eNodeB suppliers in an attempt to preserve their revenue stream. This CAPEX intensive approach still results in cell sites exhausting their capacity far too quickly, degrading performance and causing network operators to spend unnecessarily. This hardware-centric status quo presents an enormous and immediate opportunity to embrace a Big Software mindset to disrupt the RAN ecosystem, and turn your cell sites from red to green.

The Opanga Solution:

Leverage the Mobile Cloud – Differentiate RAN Performance

Rapidly deployed in the Mobile Cloud, our software optimizes performance by eliminating multiple RAN inefficiencies introduced by streaming video services, outdated transport protocols, poor spectral efficiency/management schemes and a lack of real time analytics.


Speed up your Network,
Slow down your CAPEX

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