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Transformational 4G and 5G Network Performance

Opanga is the global leader in delivering cloud-native Machine Learning solutions for Radio Access Network (RAN) performance and efficiency. Our solutions, deployed in the cloud at software speed and scale, make networks much faster and far less capital intensive. The inevitable shift of mobile core networks to the cloud accelerates opportunities for software innovations to drive massive network differentiation and performance gains. Opanga’s technology is at the heart of this shift and acts as a launchpad for these gains.

Cloud Native RAN Modernization Software

From our fundamental investment strategy to the very first stages of product development, our priority is to identify material network inefficiencies which impact user experience and financial performance and eliminate them. Our software solutions allow mobile operators to pursue a RAN modernization strategy by embracing Machine Learning technology to drive material business impacts.

Our portfolio is the most extensive, valuable RAN Optimization and analytics patent portfolio in the world. Opanga technology has been rigorously trialed, validated, selected, and deployed by some of the largest operators worldwide. Our team uniquely bridges cellular expertise with Advanced ML software innovation leadership to modernize RAN performance, eliminate network inefficiencies, and enables operators to deliver both best-in-class networks and financials.

Machine Learning (ML) RAN Inference Engine

Machine Learning technology, deployed in the Mobile Edge/Cloud, is leveraged in all of Opanga’s software solutions. This technology powers radio-aware, real-time autonomous action via traffic adaptation to improve radio network performance.

Opanga products are gNB/eNB OEM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Core, and Cloud OEM agnostic.

Designed for the cloud but also deployable on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. A 3U server can process over 400 Gbps of traffic, making Opanga’s solutions highly scalable with a minimal footprint. From legacy physical networks to the most modern Edge/Cloud networks, Opanga’s solutions can be deployed rapidly, accelerating network performance in a matter of days.






Customer expectations for fast 4G/5G services demand a modern network approach

A network differentiated using software innovation

Mobile operators around the world are supplied with
identical RAN hardware sold by Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei. Therefore, differentiating network performance requires an aggressive pursuit of software innovation by the CTO and network design team.

PeregrineTM is a Radio Aware Multi-Protocol Optimizer which leverages Opanga’s proven Machine Learning RAN technology to deliver a robust, high-performance consumer experience.

With Peregrine, operators can be confident in an attack position for 4G/5G, delivering the fastest possible performance to customers and winning the 3rd party benchmarking war.

Machine Learning Innovation Delivers

  • QUIC OptimizationSM
  • Radio Aware TCP-OptimizationSM
  • Mobile Fast StartSM
  • UDP ResiliencySM





With billions in RAN CAPEX invested annually, networks require modern Performance Analytics

Big Data Analytics Meets Radio Engineering

Mobile Operators around the world struggle with rudimentary and archaic RAN analytics solutions supplied by the legacy RAN vendors. These RAN KPIs, averaged over 60-minute intervals, provide minimal actionable insight into consumer experience performance which is required for accurate and targeted CAPEX deployment. Operators are deploying the most advanced networks ever and should demand state-of-the-art RAN Analytics.

MerlinTM is also fully supported in 4G and 5G networks.

Merlin provides network teams with deep insight into RAN performance on a per carrier, per second, per-application basis.

  • Application-level consumer experience performance measured on a per radio carrier granularity
  • Real-time RAN capacity triggers using consumer experience performance metrics for RAN CAPEX planning
  • Definitive RAN CAPEX audit and validation capability using consumer experience metric improvement





Focus on ORAN Software Innovation

Open Radio Access Networking (ORAN) is poised to disrupt and transform the traditional Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment ecosystem. This technological advancement will provide operators with flexible, scalable multi-vendor solutions at a lower cost structure that address the demands of modern networks. Running in virtualized and cloud environments on non-proprietary white box hardware, ORAN’s power, and promise lies in software solutions that focus on innovation versus simple emulation of existing proprietary hardware gNB, eNB equipment.

Near-Real-Time RIC Innovation

The Near-Real-Time RIC lies at the heart of this software-driven evolution by allowing unprecedented ability to optimize radio performance through value-added xApps addressing key networking challenges. Opanga brings a deep experience in Radio-Aware Machine Learning based optimization to the Near-Real-Time RIC and experience in Multi-Protocol Optimization and Analytics to mission-critical xApps.

The ORAN future requires a focus on disruptive innovation via software and a break from traditional hardware-centric RAN equipment paradigms. Opanga is actively investing towards delivering on the ORAN promise.

Opanga is actively developing solutions that fulfill the promise of intelligent, flexible and scalable ORAN solutions incorporating core Opanga technologies including:

  • Radio Aware Machine Learning Inference Engine based on the RIC, supporting best in class radio intelligence
  • Radio Aware Multi-Protocol optimization that harmonizes the delivery of the TCP, UDP and QUIC traffic blends demanded by modern network users
  • Intelligent Traffic Steering born from Opanga’s 4G successes
  • High time resolution, session aware RAN Analytics delivering critical insight into RAN performance and CAPEX planning


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