Cloud Native Mobile Network Performance Solutions

Transformational 4G and 5G Network Performance

Opanga is the global leader in delivering cloud-native machine learning solutions for Radio Access Network (RAN) performance and efficiency. Our solutions, deployed in the cloud at software speed and scale, make networks much faster and far less expensive. The inevitable shift of mobile networks to the cloud accelerates opportunities for massive network and economic performance gains. Opanga's technology is at the heart of and acts as a launchpad for these gains.

Our Approach:

Purpose Built Cloud Native Software

From our fundamental investment strategy to the very first stages of product development, our priority is to identify material network inefficiencies that impact user experience and financial performance and remove them.

Operator expense is dominated by RAN infrastructure cost, which is exacerbated by these network inefficiencies. Our software products eradicate these inefficiencies, improving RAN performance by delivering faster user speeds at much lower CAPEX.

Our Software:

Digital Telecommunications Problems – Modern Software Solutions

Today, our Machine Learning Radio Aware products process 8 Tbps of traffic daily, improving the mobile network performance for over 1 billion smartphone users globally.

Our products are eNodeB OEM, 3G/4G/5G, Core, and Cloud OEM agnostic. Designed for the cloud but also deployable on commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware a 3U server can process over 400 Gbps of traffic, making Opanga’s solutions highly scalable with a minimal footprint. From legacy physical networks to the most modern cloud/edge networks Opanga’s solutions can be deployed rapidly, accelerating network performance in a matter of days.

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Slow down your CAPEX

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