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RAN Business Intelligence software platform

CAPEX efficiency has become increasingly important for Mobile Operators as traffic volumes and energy costs soar and interest rates reaching new highs.

MerlinSM RAN business intelligence software platform delivers deep financial insight into RAN investments, using CX KPIs; enabling operators to materially improve their financials while maintaining network quality.

Key insights to drive business

At the heart of MerlinSM is the RANStatsTM data lake which views RAN performance from a consumer application standpoint. Every time a user communicates on the mobile network, MerlinSM records critical CX performance metrics for that data session, alongside application-level information. These CX KPIs are then stored together with detailed radio channel information and are available for post-processing using advanced ML Applications. For the first time in the wireless industry, MerlinSM connects CX performance directly with cell site realities.

With billions of dollars of CAPEX in play, 4G/5G demands modernized RAN Business Intelligence

For mobile operators, real-time RAN control is the most valuable untapped opportunity for ML application development. Using Opanga’s proven ML-enabled data lake, MerlinSM combines network-wide data with second-by-second RAN insights.

RANStats data lake is built by disaggregating control protocol and traffic information: