Opanga Networks


Better customer experience at a lower cost

the industry challenge

As network traffic grows, service providers (SPs) are forced to buy more capacity (via peering agreements) to meet that growth OR allow consumer experience to degrade. This is expensive and often unpredictable.

Further, SPs have inadequate visibility into traffic dynamics and actual consumer experience (CX), removing their ability to ensure that users are getting the service level they paid for as well as meet regulatory reporting requirements.

the opanga solution

Peregrine for wireline leverages industry-leading machine learning technology for traffic optimization, business intelligence, and insights (analytics) to significantly improve data transport economics and CX. Industry-leading and globally proven, Peregrine supports all existing network protocols, is not DPI dependent, and is future-proofed against changing traffic trends such as the internet “going dark” (e.g., Encrypted DNS, HTTP3, QUIC).

Reduce OPEX and improve the consumer experience

Opanga’s Multi-Protocol Optimization, along with real-time consumer experience feedback, minimizes capacity purchase requirements while proactively monitoring to ensure quality CX.

The technology enables downward pressure on aggregate traffic levels, smooths traffic peaks and materially reduces bandwidth requirements—along with the associated OPEX. In addition, overall user speeds are improved during peak hours.

Detailed monitoring that means something

Wireline networks traditionally have a limited toolset for monitoring consumer experience, with limited insight beyond total throughput consumption by household.

Opanga provides a suite of analytics that give service providers clear and actionable insight into the user experience by directly measuring and reporting on user speeds for different traffic types, applications and consumer speed tiers.

opanga products for wireline

Opanga has adapted its core ML technology to specifically address the pain points of the wireline industry.