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Network Aware Multi-Protocol Optimization

Software innovation is required for network differentiation

Most operators are past the point of diminishing returns when it comes to adding more hardware.

Bigger is no longer better and, in fact, has led to massive inefficiencies. Innovative software applications are the only way to optimize network performance, capital efficiency and returns on hardware investments.

AI/ML Optimization increases network efficiency

PeregrineSM is a RAN Aware Multi-Protocol Optimization Software Application installed in the core of a mobile operator’s network that uses machine learning to maximize RAN performance. The application is designed to leverage cell-level congestion awareness and provide real-time adaptation of TCP parameters in addition to managing QUIC and UDP data sessions in the modern multi-protocol environment.

Here’s how PeregrineSM empowers operators to do more with less:

Machine learning resolves multi-protocol conflict
Network fairness is a thing of the past. Applications no longer share a common transport protocol to deliver data. Now applications use TCP, QUIC, and UDP to maximize their individual performance.