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Network cost reductions are the MASSIVE opportunity

the industry challenge

While operators continue to roll out 5G networks, top line growth has not materialized and in fact, for most regions service level revenues are flat or declining. At the same time, mobile data traffic is growing, demanding more CAPEX investment resulting in declining profitability.

the opanga solution

Opanga uses a software first approach to enable entirely new business processes for informed net-work evolution and CAPEX planning. Our solutions are deployed globally providing effective RAN optimization and RAN business intelligence and insights.

At the heart of our offering is a consumer experience (CX) driven data-base built to enable machine learning applications, providing solutions to address common industry issues such as energy consumption, network performance, and customer churn to name a few.

Bigger is better—until it’s not

The focus on building out extremely complex, high-capacity networks has created massive inefficiencies:

Opanga gives you control over your business

Communication networks are inherently complex and data driven—a perfect use-case for machine-learning applications. With access to the right data they can provide tools to help improve network performance, efficiency and inform business decision making. Examples include:

opanga products for wireless

For optimization:

For business intelligence:

For energy savings: