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Critical industry shifts demand software innovation

Mobile Operators are deploying 5G networks anticipating new services will entice customers to spend more – thus increasing revenues and profitability for shareholders. However, in an intensely competitive marketplace, revenue growth is challenging. Despite this excitement for growth, prudent operators are hedging by also focusing on the expense side of the ledger. They know that the greatest opportunity for increased earnings is by reducing Radio Access Network (RAN) costs.

A 30% reduction in RAN CAPEX/OPEX can double earnings. It’s worth it!

To reduce RAN CAPEX/OPEX operators must upgrade fewer cell sites; increase spectrum utilization and focus on delivering much higher Consumer Experiences using much less hardware. To reduce CAPEX, network planners focus on what’s driving their capacity demand:

Degrading Consumer Experience as data transport protocols evolve from yesterday’s homogeneous TCP-based applications to a multi-protocol TCP/UDP/QUIC blend. UDP/QUIC apps are far more aggressive on radio networks than TCP, sucking up spectral resources and degrading Consumer Experience rapidly.

Disparate Spectrum Bands do not work seamlessly. Most 5G networks are deployed using low band (e.g., 600 – 850MHz) and mid/high band (e.g., 3.5GHz) spectrum. Low band covers most users but provides narrow band services that are easily congested. 3.5GHz provides much more capacity but to a minority of users.

As protocols and applications become more aggressive on the radio channels, and spectrum realities continue to defeat the viability of colocation on existing sites, operators are embracing a modern, holistic software mindset to drive down RAN CAPEX/OPEX and increase earnings for shareholders. With massively scaled server horsepower in virtualized mobile data centers operators do not have to wait for O-RAN. The opportunity to deploy innovative Radio-Aware Machine Learning technology today is immense.

Opanga’s PeregrineTM Radio-Aware Multi-Protocol RAN Optimization platform doubles user speeds and reduces RAN CAPEX/OPEX by up to 50%. Peregrine holistically optimizes the way multi-protocol-based applications contend for narrow band spectrum – maximizing user speeds and minimizing RAN cost.

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